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3 x wall lights: 3 x hanging jars 60cm in width, all finished in black £140 each x 3 = £420

5 x ceiling lights: (basic drawings attached, but the design can be altered to suit your ideas)
2 x 25cm x 50cm with 4 bulbs,  no pressure gauges and finished in black 
3 x 40cm x 40cm with 4 bulbs, no pressure gauges and finished in black 
5 x £160 = £800
1 x 6 hanging bulb light with chains and black cable.  1 x junction box to sit on top of the wooden beam to allow the cables to pass out of and 1 x 5m cable and plug top for power 
Lights total £1,455  
Shipping £26.50 
Total cost £1481.50